5 must know things about orangery roof

The name of the orangery roof itself puts the reader into fascination, doesn’t it? Wait until you know more about these roofs and why only roof, the main building known as the orangery must also be highlighted. To make sure you know all the main things about the orangery and the kinds of roofs that are built over them, we have collected the information mentioned below.

5 must know things about the roof:

1. The orangery is found in nearly all places of the world. It is a traditional building built for the development of the orange and other fruit trees as well as the shrubs and the exotic plants there are in the world. They are covered by a roof popular as the orangery roof.

2. The roof is specially built for the purpose of covering the orangery, not for advertising like a commercial awning does.

3. These roofs allow the maximum amount of sunlight to reach the plants growing within the orangery.

4. In orangeries designs (much more famous these days), more than 75% of the roof is glazed.

5. If you go for the simple orangery roof, you’ll find that only less than 75% of the roof is glazed.